APC Parcel Express Saltash

What we deliver

A huge range of goods are safely delivered via the APC Overnight network every day

  • What we deliver
  • When we deliver
  • About our Packages
  • package1

    Express MailPack Maximum Weight 1Kg, excludes liquid's

  • package2

    Express Courier Pack, Maximum Weight 5Kg, excludes liquid's

  • package3

    Parcel, Max Weight any single item 30kg, Max Length 2.5m

  • package4

    XS/Heavy, Max Weight any single item 50Kg, Max dimension any single item 3.05m x 0.3m x 0.3m

We specialise in timed deliveries, giving you flexible options for urgent packages as well as less time-sensitive consignments.

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  • Timed Delivery option's:

  • Mon - Fri by
  • 9.00 am,
  • 10.00 am,
  • 12.00 pm

  • Standard next day by 4.00pm

  • Saturday*
  • By 9.00 am,
  • 10.00 am,
  • 12.00 pm

Online Booking, tracking and integration From our easy to use online booking and tracking system to full integration with your
back office systems - our investment in IT is designed to make everything run smoothly.
To access our online booking system Click here * POSTCODE Restriction's

APC's MailPack and CourierPacks are perfect for documents, tenders and other time-sensitive materials
but the generous 5Kg weight limit on the larger CourierPacks extends the service to many other products.
Our customers rely on the service to deliver a huge range of products and services including:

  • ✔ Documents
  • ✔ Tenders
  • ✔ Musical Instruments
  • ✔ Passports
  • ✔ Fine Wine
  • ✔ Medical Equipment
  • ✔ Plants
  • ✔ Mirrors
  • ✔ Laptops
  • ✔ Mail Order fulfilment
  • ✔ Books, yearbooks, journals and catalogues
  • ✔ Urgent Travel documents
  • ✔ Fieldworker/offsite supplies
  • ✔ Press and PR materials
  • ✔ Urgent medical supplies
  • ✔ Sample Packs
  • ✔ Vitamin and nutrition supplies (This service is not suitable for liquids)

Specialist Services

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    Secure Delivery

    We pride ourselves in secure delivery's, which will get your items delivered to your destination without any problems.

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    Timed Delivery

    Timed Delivery is there for our customers who work all round the clock.